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New project, new website

I was thinking for a long time now to start a side-business next to my job. And I didn’t want to believe that the opportunity actually arrived. It has potential, but how to start? According to my plan:

  1. Create a website.
  2. Find stock photos for that, for free would be great. At the beginning I don’t really want to spend more money on this project than necessary. See previous post here.Create a Facebook Page.
  3. Let’s do this.

Easy and quick websites  

If you have a starting business then probably you won’t have the resources to pay for a professional web designer or web developer to build your website. Later on, after your business is making profit, yes, you can think of getting a professional website, but at the beginning it’s not really necessary.

If you google ‘build websites’, ‘easy website creator’ or any keyword you think may fit then you will have thousands of options to make your own design online.

  1.  – good because it is compatible with Wordpress
  2.  – I don’t really know this one
  3. – I chose GoDaddy, because I knew it from previous experience that you can build a web page literally within a few hours. But the whol platform is not very user-friendly. On top of that it always wants to sell you something, even though you don’t need that. The graphic is nice though and the website builder tool is very easy to use. I think this is the reason I chose it.
    Click here to check the website that was made within 8 hours.
  4. IPage  – it offers free domain names
  5. Strikingly  – looks beautiful and clear, but I’m not sure if it is really as cost effective
  6. weebly and many more.

They usually offer free trial, domain name, website builder with tools according to your needs or budget, hosting, email services and so on.

If I would have more time then I would check out my options with Wordpress. However to build up a fully customized website takes a lot of time, web designer knowledge and photo editing. If the initial website with the business idea turns out to be a profitable one then it will call for a real website created by a professional web developer.


Stock photos for free – for real

Recently I was asked to help out a ‘brand new’ startup company with some advice on the website and the usage of social media. This is how we ended up talking about the importance of pictures. Today it is more and more important to use some nice and appealing pictures, videos and maybe gifs on your website or Facebook Page. However if you just start your business, probably you don’t have the resources to pay for Shutterstock.

Still you can find tons of websites providing you with amazing stock pictures for free. Here are some of my favorites, you can find a more detailed list on Entrepreneur.

  1. Picjumbo
  2. Pexels – my new favourite
  3. Pixabay
  4. Gratisography – unique
  5. IMcreator – it helps you to build even a website

Which one is your favorite? Can you recommend one?

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The expression was first created by Kurt Lewin during the 1930s. He is also known as the “founder of social psychology” – you can read it on Change Mangement Coach. Why do I write about this? Because during our daily life we are taking part in different groups. They can be created by us, because we love to participate in dancing, cooking, hitchhiking or whatever groups.

On the other hand there are some other groups, created by our workplace because of various reasons like there is a project that needs to be done or a function that requires a certain group to work together(HR, marketing, etc.). You can read more about this topic by clicking here, or here:

Ethan Hale on wrote about it as follows. “At MIT’s Human Dynamics laboratory, they identified the group dynamics that high-performing teams share. They include:

  •  Everyone on the team both talks and listens. No one dominates the conversation.
  •  The interactions are energetic with a lot of face-to-face communication.
  •  People connect with one another directly – not just with or through the team leader.
  •  Side conversations are carried on within the team.
  •  People from time to time go outside the group and bring relevant outside information back in.
  •  Individual contributions/talents are less important than successful communication patterns”

So, if the group is not working properly, then some of the most important factors might be missing.

Here you will find the shortlink for Change Management Coach:


See the other side

It’s not a secret that I was on a job seek for a while. No, there is no whining, no accusations, because that’s not what it is all about. More likely finding one’s own way.

But what would a recruiter think about our CV if we were so unlucky to accept jobs – despite of our gut feeling – that just turn out not being the best fit for us? For example lots of them would simply trash our CV.

It is as if we would be some unpredictable, unreliable problems in the matrix. Do you think it can be true? No, not really. There was a very good article about this on LinkedIn and Forbes, you can read it here.  Or here:

The first sentence is absolutely lovely, “there’s a saying that employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers – and today they are leaving more often than ever.”

Louis Efron reveals some reasons to make the situation more understandable, let’s see them in a nutshell:

  1. No vision – how can you build a successful future without a vision? Clearly profit numbers alone are not too sexy.
  2. No Connection To The Big Picture – no employment engagement
  3. No empathy – don’t mime it, it’s not worth it
  4. No (effective) motivation – Fear of constant criticism, redundancy, or the frequent fluctuation of colleagues aren’t the best ways to motivate, etc.
  5. No future – do you have a career plan? Will the company support you to move either vertically or horizontally?
  6. No fun – that’s quite straightforward. We spend at least 8 hours in the office and our time is more precious now than ever before.

To make the employment a long lasting adventure is both parties responsibilities – nor the employer, neither the employee can do it alone.

However it’s good to know that there are companies that think about these questions differently – at least this is my experience.

Vica Versa

Finding a new job is always hard, finding a good one is even harder. Of course there are lots of good sources available online, especially on LinkedIn, e.g. how to behave in a job interview, how to use social media or how to advertise yourself on the job market. They can be very useful, but please don’t forget who you are in the meantime.

On the other hand most of the companies – we are talking about the management and the decision makers – tend to forget that during an interview they are being judged as well. It can be important to pay attention how they communicate, use body language, tone of voice or facial expressions. If they look very tired, uninterested, even bored or simply bossy or somebody who is just miming empathy that paints a very unappealing picture of the company. And yes, who wants to work with such people?

I spent some time until finally the right company popped up, in fact three of them simultaneously. But it took me some time to figure out what are the values I’m looking for, such as open communication, building and maintaining trust, mutual respect towards everybody and listening. It’s also important to make sure you show your gratitude towards that employee who trusted you by sharing her/his thoughts.

My tip is to jot down all your values and expectations before you attend to a job interview – after all you will know what is important and makes the “employers’ screening” easier.