New project, new website

I was thinking for a long time now to start a side-business next to my job. And I didn’t want to believe that the opportunity actually arrived. It has potential, but how to start? According to my plan:

  1. Create a website.
  2. Find stock photos for that, for free would be great. At the beginning I don’t really want to spend more money on this project than necessary. See previous post here.Create a Facebook Page.
  3. Let’s do this.

Easy and quick websites  

If you have a starting business then probably you won’t have the resources to pay for a professional web designer or web developer to build your website. Later on, after your business is making profit, yes, you can think of getting a professional website, but at the beginning it’s not really necessary.

If you google ‘build websites’, ‘easy website creator’ or any keyword you think may fit then you will have thousands of options to make your own design online.

  1.  – good because it is compatible with Wordpress
  2.  – I don’t really know this one
  3. – I chose GoDaddy, because I knew it from previous experience that you can build a web page literally within a few hours. But the whol platform is not very user-friendly. On top of that it always wants to sell you something, even though you don’t need that. The graphic is nice though and the website builder tool is very easy to use. I think this is the reason I chose it.
    Click here to check the website that was made within 8 hours.
  4. IPage  – it offers free domain names
  5. Strikingly  – looks beautiful and clear, but I’m not sure if it is really as cost effective
  6. weebly and many more.

They usually offer free trial, domain name, website builder with tools according to your needs or budget, hosting, email services and so on.

If I would have more time then I would check out my options with Wordpress. However to build up a fully customized website takes a lot of time, web designer knowledge and photo editing. If the initial website with the business idea turns out to be a profitable one then it will call for a real website created by a professional web developer.


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