How to be a good member of a group? Easy: genuinly take care of the others and share the tasks and responsibilities.

Being a part of a group can be an exciting experience. Usually joining to one that has already been established you will meet with set roles and tasks – however, there is always the possibility that the newcomer will cause some sort of changes in the group dynamic – reform the tasks and maybe the leadership settings as well.

But it can be even more interesting to become a part of an entirely new group. New members at the company with unknown potential can cause some surprizes, not just because of their virginity at the company (structures, behaviour, expectations or hierarchy), but the previous expriences that shaped their personality. By mentioning that I mean family background, international relations, employment history or any other observations made by the new members can shape their identity as well as the group’s.

Creating a new group, taking part in it is a very exciting process and at the end if this group has a positive dynamic then some great results can be expected. Let’s hope so. 😉