See the other side

It’s not a secret that I was on a job seek for a while. No, there is no whining, no accusations, because that’s not what it is all about. More likely finding one’s own way.

But what would a recruiter think about our CV if we were so unlucky to accept jobs – despite of our gut feeling – that just turn out not being the best fit for us? For example lots of them would simply trash our CV.

It is as if we would be some unpredictable, unreliable problems in the matrix. Do you think it can be true? No, not really. There was a very good article about this on LinkedIn and Forbes, you can read it here.  Or here:

The first sentence is absolutely lovely, “there’s a saying that employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers – and today they are leaving more often than ever.”

Louis Efron reveals some reasons to make the situation more understandable, let’s see them in a nutshell:

  1. No vision – how can you build a successful future without a vision? Clearly profit numbers alone are not too sexy.
  2. No Connection To The Big Picture – no employment engagement
  3. No empathy – don’t mime it, it’s not worth it
  4. No (effective) motivation – Fear of constant criticism, redundancy, or the frequent fluctuation of colleagues aren’t the best ways to motivate, etc.
  5. No future – do you have a career plan? Will the company support you to move either vertically or horizontally?
  6. No fun – that’s quite straightforward. We spend at least 8 hours in the office and our time is more precious now than ever before.

To make the employment a long lasting adventure is both parties responsibilities – nor the employer, neither the employee can do it alone.

However it’s good to know that there are companies that think about these questions differently – at least this is my experience.